Welcome to Fried Phingers design studio, I’m truly glad you are here, my goal is to provide you, small businesses and other solo entrepreneurs the best possible solutions and answers to many question new business owners are faced with every day. Luckily in my experience I have the expertise to help you! I’ve helped many new businesses owners overcome cost issues, how to streamline operations and such. I can also help with branding concepts, I’ve had many years of experience developing and working within branding guidelines. I mainly have multiple years of experience creating effective marketing solutions for small businesses and all my solutions are tailored to your budget or any budget, for that matter.


The freelance industry allowed me to learn many facets of many businesses. Without realizing it, by the time I wanted to venture into doing my own unique brand and online store, I actually had more tools then expected. Luckily for me, while creating my newest store venture, I already had everything I needed, it felt so empowering. Eventually, my studio grew into new and interesting areas while continuing and expanding my knowledge base. My experience led me here, to create the art shop and design studio. A place I can make my own art but also help businesses expand.